FAQs Dental Vantage

What does my consultation consist of?

A comprehensive oral diagnosis is performed in the beginning of the visit. High resolution x-ray is required to assist Dr Dinh Vo diagnose and also helps you to see real images and keep up with what being talked about.

Dr. Dinh Vo likes you to be well informed of what should be done, will be done, and has been done on the teeth and therefore keeps you actively and fully involved along the treatment line. A personalized treatment plan will be presented to you. All financing and insurance matter will be discussed with you in this visit as well.

How do I schedule an appointment?

While you are most welcome to walk in without an appointment, it is highly recommended to call our office at (714) 590-2210 or visit our website at www.dentalvantage.net to schedule the time.

We value your time and your trust in our care and therefore, would like to take care of you immediately and only ONE at A TIME without any rush.

Can you tell me how much it costs over the phone?

Dentistry is a condition based circumstances rather than procedures based cases. Sometimes for the same number of missing teeth, your treatment plan is different than a plan for the other. The reason is because of differently personal oral health conditions. We highly recommend the patient spend their valuable time to come in and have a reflective talk with Dr. Dinh Vo.

Through a comprehensive oral condition and intensively listening to you, Dr. Dinh Vo can suggest what’s best for your oral condition, while addressing all of your constraints. Your first visit with us is almost an hour long and you will have Dr. Vo personally answer all of your questions.

Why do I need a consultation? I already knew what dental procedures I need.

As a specialist in restoration field, Dr Dinh Vo always needs to evaluate your current oral health condition to design a solution that meets best to your dental need. There are multiple ways available for a restoration. Only when Dr. Dinh Vo meets, talks, and listens to you, then all possible solutions will be accessed to create a personalized restoration plan that is as unique as you are.


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